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How to Boost Mobile Windows Phone

Mobile Windows Phones might not be as popular as Android or iOS, but they still have a loyal user base that appreciates their unique features and interface. If you’re a proud Windows Phone user looking to optimize your device’s performance, this article is for you. We’ll cover how to boost your mobile Windows Phone in various ways, including optimizing performance, battery life, storage space, connectivity, and security.

Understanding Mobile Windows Phone

Brief history

Windows Phone was Microsoft’s entry into the mobile operating system market, with its first version released in 2010. It featured a unique interface called Metro UI, later rebranded as Modern UI, characterized by flat tiles and fluid animations. However, due to several factors like a smaller app ecosystem and market competition, Windows Phone couldn’t achieve the same success as its rivals.

Advantages and limitations

Windows Phone is praised for its clean interface, seamless integration with Microsoft services, and consistent performance across devices. However, it has limitations, such as a smaller app store, limited customization options, and less frequent updates compared to Android and iOS.

Optimizing Windows Phone Performance

Update your phone

Regularly updating your Windows Phone ensures you’re using the latest features and improvements, which can enhance your device’s performance. To check for updates, navigate to “Settings” > “Phone Update” > “Check for Updates” and follow the prompts.

Limit background apps

Too many apps running in the background can slow down your phone. To manage background apps, go to “Settings” > “Battery Saver” > “Usage” and tap on an app to adjust its background activity.

Customize synchronization settings

Constant email and social media syncing can impact your phone’s performance. To customize sync settings, head to “Settings” > “Email + Accounts” and adjust the frequency and content of syncs.

Battery Optimization

Lower screen brightness

Reducing your screen brightness can significantly extend battery life. To adjust brightness, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the brightness icon, or go to “Settings” > “Brightness.”

Enable battery saver

Battery saver mode limits background processes and extends battery life. To enable it, go to “Settings” > “Battery Saver” and toggle it on.

Manage location settings

Location services can drain your battery quickly. To disable or manage location settings, navigate to “Settings” > “Location” and toggle it off or customize permissions for individual apps.

Maximizing Storage Space

Utilize SD cards

Expand your storage by using an SD card, if your Windows Phone supports it. You can move apps, photos, and other files to the SD card to free up internal storage. To do so, go to “Settings” > “Storage Sense” and choose the appropriate options for storing different types of files on the SD card.

Use cloud storage

Cloud storage services like OneDrive can help you save storage space on your phone. Sync your photos, documents, and other files with OneDrive to access them from any device without taking up space on your Windows Phone. To set up OneDrive, open the app and sign in with your Microsoft account.

Clear cache and temporary files

Over time, your Windows Phone accumulates temporary files and cached data, which can take up valuable storage space. Clear these files by going to “Settings” > “Storage Sense” > “Phone” > “Temporary Files” and tap “Delete.”

Enhancing Connectivity

Manage Wi-Fi settings

Ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection by regularly updating your network settings. To manage Wi-Fi settings, go to “Settings” > “Wi-Fi” and update the details for your preferred networks. Additionally, disable Wi-Fi when not in use to save battery life.

Improve Bluetooth performance

To enhance Bluetooth connectivity, keep your Windows Phone and connected devices updated with the latest firmware. Additionally, avoid interference by keeping other electronic devices and metal objects away from the phone and Bluetooth devices.

Securing Your Windows Phone

Set up a strong PIN

A strong PIN is essential for securing your Windows Phone. To create or change your PIN, navigate to “Settings” > “Lock Screen” > “Password” and enter a unique combination of numbers.

Enable Find My Phone

In case your phone is lost or stolen, enable the Find My Phone feature to locate, lock, or erase your device remotely. To activate this feature, go to “Settings” > “Find My Phone” and toggle on the necessary options.


Boosting your mobile Windows Phone involves a combination of performance optimization, battery life enhancement, storage management, connectivity improvement, and security measures. By following these tips, you can enjoy a more efficient, responsive, and secure Windows Phone experience.


Why is my Windows Phone running slow?

Several factors can cause a slow Windows Phone, such as outdated software, too many background apps, or insufficient storage space. Follow the tips in this article to optimize your device’s performance.

Can I upgrade my Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile?

Some Windows Phone 8.1 devices can be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile. Check your device’s eligibility by visiting the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade page on Microsoft’s website.

How can I improve my Windows Phone’s battery life?

To extend your phone’s battery life, lower screen brightness, enable battery saver mode, and manage location settings as discussed in this article.

What are some alternatives to the Windows Phone app store?

Although the Windows Phone app store has fewer apps compared to Android and iOS, you can try third-party app stores like Appx4Fun or explore web apps optimized for mobile browsers.

How can I back up my Windows Phone data?

To back up your data, go to “Settings” > “Backup” and choose what you want to back up (apps, settings, text messages, photos, and videos). Make sure you’re signed in with your Microsoft account and have a Wi-Fi connection for the backup process.


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